Smart skin care

Smart Skin Care

We all know that a workout is a great way to keep you healthy, but did you know your skin needs a workout too? Our skin is the largest organ on the body, and it has a unique ability to regenerate itself. Not all body organs can do that. So let’s put our skin through a smart skin care workout for better, brighter, and healthier glow.

Today, let’s talk about the basics of smart home skin care. If you ask me, I don’t believe in using tons and tons of home care products. Realistically speaking, no one has the time or energy for that. More importantly your skin certainly doesn’t need that many products to stay healthy. It must be strange, hearing all this from me, a skin health professional, but that is the truth! So, you cleanse, moisturize, and you protect from the sun. Is it really that simple? It can be if you are using the right home care products. Use products which are free of unnecessary chemicals, artificial fragrances and harsh preservatives. That stuff is bad for your skin health! Period!

As we are going organic with our food, we should go that route with our skin care too. Use clean products with optimum strength. Here at NOVA DERM INSTITUTE, our pharmaceutical product line is specially formulated with Polyphenols and Green Leaf Tea extract (centella sinensis). These are the most potent antioxidants known and work like oxygen for your skin. Our formulas have 90% purified polyphenols, which is the highest available grade of polyphenols on the market. Our smart products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, cruelty free, paraben free, fragrance free, with no artificial colors, and are prepared in an FDA approved laboratory in the USA.

Our vitamin C products, like Power of C, are encapsulated. This means it will not become discolored, like most products on the market, and will retain its efficacy till the last drop.

Our time-released retinols are pharmaceutical grade, and will help combat fine lines, wrinkles, textural issues and minor discolorations without stripping your skin of moisture, unlike some retinol products available on the market.

So go to your workout and don’t forget about the smart home workout for your skin! NOVA DERM INSTITUTE can recommend products that will work specifically for your skin to help you with your smart skin care routine at home. Call us today at (703) 635-6065 or visit our website at

 At NOVA DERM INSTITUTE we say, Good Skin Is Always In!

Afsheen Ather

Bachelors in Medicine & Surgery

Licensed Master Instructor, Master Aesthetician and Master Permanent Makeup Artist

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