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Sun Spot Treatment

What are sun spots?

Sun spots, also called lentigo, are spots of darker pigmentation on your skin caused by excessive sun exposure. Sun spots are mainly triggered by skin aging and sun exposure, especially exposure to UV radiation. Sun exposure causes a buildup of pigment producing cells in your skin, which are responsible for the darker pigmentation. Sun spots can be flat brown, gray, or black in color due to increased pigmentation triggered by the sun. It can ruin your complexion and make you look older than you feel. Sun spots can appear on your face, the back of your hands, shoulders, back, and forearms. Some people are more susceptible to sun spots, such as people over the age of 40, those with fair skin, and those with a history of frequent sun exposure or tanning bed use.

Why use lasers for sun spot removal?

Lasers can be a safe and effective way to reduce or eliminate sun spots. Here at NOVA DERM INSTITUTE we use Candela Alex laser. The laser can clearly differentiate between the normal skin and the dark spot, it’s highly effective. Studies have shown that laser treatments can decrease the appearance of sun spots up to 80% after your first session.


How does it work?

If sun spots make you feel self-conscious. We use a specialized laser that specifically targets darker pigments to target your sun spots and break down the pigmentation.


What to expect during your treatment?

Throughout your treatment, you feel a warming sensation while the laser is working. Depending on the size of the treatment area and the intensity of the pigmentation, your treatment may last 15 minutes to 30 minutes.


What to expect after your treatment?

Redness and swelling are normal the day after your laser treatment. Then, within four to seven days, these spots will begin to flake off like coffee grounds. After your visit, it is recommended to use sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher daily.


What are the benefits of this treatment?

The key benefits of laser treatments for sun spots when compared to other treatment options include: deeper skin penetration for better, longer-lasting results. Minimal side effects and it’s safe, comfortable and fast.



Does it hurt?

Most patients tolerate the procedure easily, describing a warming and light snapping sensation during treatment. 


What are the side effects?

Side effects may include hypopigmentation (lightening of the treated skin) or hyperpigmentation (darkening of the treated skin).


How many treatments will you need?

Depending on the intensity and size of the treatment area, you may need up to three sessions to see full results. Additional treatments may be required for very large or dark spots, densely freckled areas, or excessively sun damaged skin.


How to prepare for the treatment?

Avoid sunbathing, tanning beds, waxing, chemical peels or collagen injections for two weeks prior to the procedure. Avoid perfumes, deodorants or any potential irritants in the treatment area before and after treatment.

Is this treatment permanent?

In general, you can expect the results of a laser treatment for sun spots to produce lasting results. Some people may even experience permanent results depending on the type of pigment. Though if you don’t protect your skin from the sun, the spots will almost always return, or new ones will form.


Who can get this treatment?

All skin types can be treated.



Here at NOVA DERM INSTITUTE we give professional care with kindness and compassion. Our treatments are the latest up-to-date practices in the industry and our equipment is the highest medical grade in the market. Our office is clean, professional and welcoming. You enter your session feeling welcome knowing you’re in good hands; and leave feeling you were taken care of and more confident than when you arrived.


Pricing: $500 per visit


*Individual results may vary.