Cosmelan Peel

Cosmelan Peel

What is a Cosmelan Peel?

Cosmelan Peel is a two-step treatment for resistant type hyperpigmentation resulting from sun damage, melasma or hormonal pigmentation or post inflammatory pigmentation from previous skin procedures. The first step of the treatment is an in-office peel application. Second step is a home care regimen provided and explained by NOVA DERM INSTITUTE.


How does it work?

Unlike hydroquinone and tretinoin, which can be harsh on the skin and cause a number of unpleasant side effects as they treat hyperpigmentation issues, Cosmelan Peel contains azelaic acid, it is an acid that is derived from several different types of naturally-existing fungi and which inhibits the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the pigment that gives the skin its color, and when the Cosmelan Peel is applied to the skin, it inhibits further pigmentation from forming. Cosmelan 2 cream that is applied a week after the peel contains both kojic and phytic acid. It helps to further reduce pigmentation after treatment.



What to expect during your treatment?

Before treatment, your skin care professional will clean your skin to ensure that no excess oil or dead skin cells remain. Next a microderm machine is used to remove top layers of your skin. The Cosmelan peel mask is then applied and left on for eight to ten hours. You are directed to remove the Cosmelan Peel mask at home, using a gentle cleanser and water. You apply a secondary healing ointment (provided to you) on a daily basis, three to five times a day, until the skin is healed.


What to expect after your treatment?

Since Cosmelan Peel stays on the skin for several hours, looking like a mud mask, and requires aftercare, you should plan on having the treatment after work, or on your day off, when you can return home.


What are the benefits of this treatment?

It’s a very safe and effective treatment for resistant forms of pigmentation including melasma, sun damage, surgical scarring and discoloration, pigmentation left as a side effect of different sun sensitizing medication use.



Does it hurt?

The Cosmelan Peel is virtually pain-free, the only issues you may find might be some slight peeling and dryness in your skin. Hearing the word “Peel” or “chemical peel” can be alarming but there really is nothing to stress about with this peel.


What are the side effects?

Some experience mild to moderate redness and slight swelling following the removal of the in-clinic mask. During the post treatment period it is common for the skin to feel tight or itchy.


How many treatments will you need? 

In most cases, you only need one Cosmelan peel to see results. However, those with more resistant forms of melasma, may need up to three treatments performed every three to six months apart as advised.


How to prepare for the treatment?

Avoid excessive sun exposure and wear sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) daily. A week before your treatment, stop using Retinol. Also avoid the use of facial exfoliants, exfoliating brushes or scrubs, peel pads, AHA products, and BHA products one week before your peel. Stay hydrated.


Is this treatment permanent?

If maintenance of skin care at home is continued, the results from a Cosmelan Peel can last for years.


Who can get this treatment?

Not all chemical peels are created equally but Cosmelan peel is safe for all skin types, including light, medium or dark skin tones. At NOVA DERM INSTITUTE we don’t recommend doing this peel right after a recent beach trip or extreme sun exposure, wait at least two weeks and then schedule your peel.



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                        Pricing: $950 per visit 

*Individual results may vary.