Carbon Laser Peel

What is a Carbon Laser Peel?

Carbon Laser Peel is an adept non-invasive and pain-free treatment that is great for treating minor skin discolorations and giving skin a glow from within.

How does it work?

This laser facial is delivered by a state-of-the-art Q-switched Nd-YAG Medlite Laser machine producing short, rapid and high-intensity pulses of laser light with maximum capability for destruction of debris clogged in the pores and upper layers of skin. It exfoliates the top layers of the skin without showing any visible signs of peeling, it helps produce new collagen for a better skin texture.


What to expect during your treatment?

During the procedure, you will wear eye shields to protect your eyes. The laser is then applied to your face, first laser pass is on clean bare skin to stimulate new cell production and then a carbon paste is applied to the skin to lift off surface debris. The laser heats the skin tissue boosting new collagen production, resulting in tighter looking pores and more even skin tone.


What to expect after your treatment?

After just the first treatment, you will also notice an improvement in the texture of your skin. Avoid any products that contain alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, and glycolic acid for at least two weeks because these can irritate your skin.


What are the benefits of this treatment?

This treatment is great for pore size reduction and getting rid of discolorations leading to an even skin tone. As a bonus it also boosts new collagen in the skin leading to reduced wrinkles and lines. Carbon Laser Peels leave your skin feeling softer and smoother, making it look younger and more beautiful.



Does it hurt?

In most cases, patients may only experience a tingling sensation and slight heat. These symptoms quickly fade within one hour after treatment. 


What are the side effects?

Patients should experience little to no side effects following treatment. In most cases the facial hair also turns blonde because the laser targets all pigment in the skin including facial hair, although this change is only temporary and when new hair grows it will go back to be it’s natural shades of black or brown. 


How many treatments will you need?

A short course of six to 12 sessions every two weeks can give noticeable brightening of overall complexion, and most people

opt to continue with regular sessions to maintain the skin’s clarity. It is recommended to get at a minimum at least four treatments. 


How to prepare for the treatment?

Avoid direct exposure to sun or tanning beds for one week prior to your appointment. If you need to be in the sun, wear sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 or higher. Stop taking medications that cause photosensitivity for seven days before your appointment. No vigorous exfoliation, waxing or use of potential irritants such as Retinoids or Retin-A.


Who can get this treatment?

Safe for all skin types.



Here at NOVA DERM INSTITUTE we give professional care with kindness and compassion. Our treatments are the latest up-to-date practices in the industry and our equipment is the highest medical grade in the market. Our office is clean, professional and welcoming. You enter your session feeling welcome knowing you’re in good hands; and leave feeling you were taken care of and more confident than when you arrived.


Pricing: $325 per visit


*Individual results may vary.