Plasma pen skin tightening

Many of us have scrimped together funds for multiple botox and surgical procedures. And repeatedly keep doing it every few years or even months! Have you tried many high end creams, fillers, laser procedures and face-lifts, but are still looking for a solution which is more effective with little downtime? Well then, have you heard

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Laser Hair Removal

In today’s time and age, what is the best way to get rid of your facial and body hair? If you wax or shave, you have to keep doing it week after week, still  getting the stubble in between visits. Laser Hair Removal is a smart alternative to these traditional methods of hair removal. It

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Skin tightening is the newest trend on the block. It can help firm skin that has gone lax as a result of aging or weight loss. People in their 30’s, 40’s and older all want it. Among women in their 40’s and older, neck tightening treatments are very popular. Not only women can benefit from


Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have been used for centuries to renew and rejuvenate skin. Our environment, sun exposure, makeup, and the products we put on the skin can really take a toll on how the skin looks and feels. I say, protect with SPF 30+ to prevent skin damage and correct with chemical peels. Even now, it’s

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I see more and more women using photo filters because they don’t like how their skin looks in selfies or closeup shots. It’s almost like they are trying to hide behind loads of makeup and photo filters to look beautiful. It actually adds age to your face when you try to hide it. I say,

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