Ever since the beginning of time, women have always looked for the “fountain of youth” to keep them young and beautiful. Even Cleopatra used to take rose petal and milk baths and many royals used lemon and honey for skin rejuvenation. Beauticians have used ground nuts and herbs like aloe and rose to make their skins look attractive. Trying to stay young and beautiful is not a new idea; it has been human nature from the very beginning of time. Everyone is seeking out ways to look and feel their best. Everyone can appreciate and admire looking at beautiful people. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You must have heard the phrase, look good and feel good! That is so true!

With the advancements of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging treatments, there is literally a tsunami of new treatment options that can help you improve your current looks and any flaws your skin may have. Here are my two cents. Since it is overwhelming to go through all the different modern therapies which are available, it’s better to start from less to more. What I mean is, if you have any skin concerns, always start with less invasive procedures and then look into the more invasive ones if you need them. It is always easier to heal and choose how you like to look if you move slowly but surely. Start with a few consultations, hear what the skin experts have to offer. Then start with some facials or other non-invasive treatment options. If you are happy with the results, awesome. You just saved yourself from a longer healing process and downtime. If not, go for the more heavy duty face-lifts and other procedures.

There is no magic out there. Keep your expectations realistic. Yet. Sometimes even surgery can’t fix it all. Every treatment option will have its benefits and limitations, listen to your skin expert, process the information, then take the plunge. I sometimes see people come in after surgeries and say, it didn’t do much. Well, here is the thing, it can lift your skin, make it tighter but it can’t get rid of your pigmentation or skin texture from long term sun damage. So always start with non-invasive procedures and see if that is good for you. If not, you can always delve deeper. 

Non surgical facial rejuvenation is really getting popular because patients don’t want to deal with the anesthesia, the pain, and the longer healing times linked with more invasive procedures.  Microneedling, laser peels, resurfacing procedures, skin tightening, permanent makeup and RF devices are such neat platforms these days. I call them, “the small wonders”.  It can help you improve the skin beautifully without any or much discomfort or downtime giving you a collagen based scaffold for re-volumizing the skin like it was ten or more years ago. Permanent makeup is also a great solution to enhance your looks and shed years. The newer techniques will make one wonder if you are wearing any makeup or if it’s just the flawless you.

Some smart skin care products can really help you maintain your results at home, consult your skin experts to pick the right products for you. Most of us waste so much time, energy, and money at department stores looking for the right skin care. Cut the chase and ask someone who knows ingredients, your skin type, and your skin’s needs.

To me, skin care is like cooking or art work, you have to add a few different ingredients and simmer at just the right temperatures to see results.  If you over cook, you just spoiled it, if you under cook you won’t like it. Love of beauty is taste, and the creation of beauty is art. So it should be, no pain but a swift gain outcome. A kind of prowess, that comes only from experienced hands and some creative aesthetic vision of an expert in the field.

For the love of beauty, do your research, before you jump into the deep sea of aesthetic treatments. A lot is possible that you may not know, so ask questions to your skin experts. Also, don’t just rely on the internet as your guide, because the information is limited there, it’s not textbook information; researched and tested. In addition, use your inside instinct to go with a skin care practice. Hear out the skin plan and then decide if you and your skin need it? Furthermore, measure how comfortable you feel with your skin care practitioner, that is just as important as choosing the right service. Whether you are going in for preventative skin care treatment or corrective treatment, your relationship with your skin expert is for life, it should be simple, honest and straightforward. I read somewhere, great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment, because beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle.

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Afsheen Ather

Bachelors in Medicine & Surgery

Licensed Master Instructor, Master Aesthetician and Master Permanent Makeup Artist


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