Acne Treatment – $150

What is Acne Treatment?

Every acne problem is distinct, which is why acne treatments should be customized to the individual. Acne treatment from NOVA DERM INSTITUTE will tailor its treatment plan to attack acne on two fronts: from within the skin, and from the skin’s surface, by using a treatment, known as a Salicylic Acid chemical peel.

The Benefits of Acne Treatment

  • Therapy shrinks sebaceous (oil) production
  • A proprietary blend of chemical peels are safe for all skin colors and types
  • Helps destroy bacteria deep within your pores
  • Only 3-6 treatments needed for clear skin

How does acne treatment work?

Our acne treatment helps to reduce acne in two distinct ways. The first benefit of acne treatment is the destruction of the Bacteria that causes inflammation and acne breakouts. Bacteria can cause acne when it gets clogged in a hair follicle without oxygen. It aims to penetrate the clogged follicle, bringing in oxygen, destroying the bacteria.

The second way acne treatments help to reduce acne is by heating your sebaceous gland (the gland that produces your skin’s oil.) When the oil gland is heated, it shrinks and produces less oil.

Research has shown that this therapy can also diminish the appearance of acne scars.

Research also shows that Microdermabrasion or a chemical peel can be an effective acne treatment because these facials help stimulate cellular renewal which can stimulate new skin cells to replace the old, dead skin cells that are notorious for clogging pores that lead to acne break outs.

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